Where To Find Me:

I’m a Full Stack Marketer at a home solar company called
Clean Energy Experts. I also build websites, like this one for
WNC Travels. If you’d like to contact me about business, feel free to use
LinkedIn. If you want something a little quicker, try
I write a blog about advertising called
The Future of Ads. I co-hosted a weekly marketing podcast called
The SoLoMo Show. I love beer, and developed a beer app called
Brew Review. I’ve been sharing a lot of photos lately on
Instagram. For my full-sized photos, I like to share those on
Flickr. I check-in a lot, and share tips on
Foursquare. And I’ve been using that
Pinterest thing a lot lately as well. And if you use
Tumblr, I’ve got one of those, so hit me up.